Rype Office applies the principles of circular economy and sustainability to office furniture

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Rype Office

Rype Office applies the principles of circular economy to physical workspace by: 

  • remanufacturing quality used office furniture;
  • creating furniture from waste

This helps clients create offices at substantial cost and environmental savings, while also creating social value.

As an example, North Wales Police, for its new centre in Llay for 300 staff, used its procurement to promote environmental and social value. To complement the sustainable design of the building, furniture suppliers were assessed on their capability to deliver economic, social and environmental value. Rype Office was awarded the furniture contract.

The project saved £300 000 compared to the average cost of mid-range furniture thanks to remanufacturing, without compromising on quality or comfort.

88 % of the furniture was remanufactured, saving 40 tonnes of CO2 GHG emissions and avoiding 26 tonnes of waste.

Rype Office employed local disadvantaged staff for the project, providing 1773 hours of employment and training at Real Living Wage pay rates.

The new centre has been dubbed the greenest police station in the UK.

Main results

Benefits of the Rype Office circular economy approach (January 2020 figures):

  • Cost savings worth of £ 1 083 800 for clients by cutting spending on virgin resources across 160 projects
  • 1036 tonnes of CO2  GHG emissions saved
  • 317 tonnes of furniture remanufactured (typically half the cost of new, with no loss of quality), thus reducing waste
  • Social value and new revenue opportunities through the 6535 hours of employment for those furthest from the workforce
  • Improved staff wellbeing and satisfaction, especially if employees are empowered to implement their own ideas
  • Enhanced business reputation, with customers and suppliers committed to sustainability.