Sopköket's garbage kitchen is the new circular trend

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Sopköket is a Swedish restaurant and catering company that prepares meals partly incorporating rescued and surplus food from supermarkets and other companies. This project's goal is reducing food waste, while providing job opportunities for people facing the risk of social exclusion.

Sopköket's goal is to use at least 50% saved ingredients for each meal. Currently, this number is achieved through collaboration with Paradiset Matmarknad, Saltå Kvarn, Bio Food, Sebastien Boudet, Gourmet Food, Dole, Fior di Latte, Foodloopz and others.

In parallel, another activity conducted by Sopköket is the donation of food ingredients and other kinds of food to charities, in partnership with local institutions.

Main results

As of 10/9/2021:

  • 17 708 meals donated to shelters and other charitable organisations
  • 25 623 kg of food waste prevented in approximately five years of operation
  • 4 new job opportunities offered.