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SuperDrecksKëscht® for a sound treatment of available raw material and energy sources

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Paul Rasqué
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Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure - Paul Rasque

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SuperDrecksKëscht® - Thomas Hoffmann

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SuperDrecksKëscht® promotes the creation of an environment-friendly society that protects its energy and resources, as part of the Luxembourg waste management strategy. 

The SuperDrecksKescht® trademark refers to the awareness raising campaigns carried out by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure in cooperation with the Chambers of Trade and Commerce in Luxembourg to avoid, reduce, recycle and dispose of waste according to environmentally sustainable standards.

Superdreckskëscht® has joined the Luxembourg Ecoinnovation cluster managed by Luxinnovation - the national agency for the promotion of innovation - in order to promote the concept of a circular economy through collaborative R&D and innovation projects.

SuperDrecksKëscht® was awarded  the label "Best practice" by the European Commission in 2010.

Main results: 
  • SuperDrecksKëscht® fir Betriber: information material and campaign, practical advice and support through regular visits, with DIN EN ISO 1402 label for eligible companies.
  • SuperDrecksKëscht® fir Biirger: campaign by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure in partnership with municipalities
  • cooperation with municipalities (waste collection).
  • Clever akafen campaign in cooperation with shops and retailers: ecologic and long-term products labelled Clever akafen
  • SuperSpillMobil: mobile pedagogic structure for kids with games etc, available to schools;
  • Ecoinnovation cluster: logistic and technical know-how for the management of recycling/reconsumption centers for problematic waste;
  • guided tours in the SDK Center for adults;