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Resource efficiency is a core pillar of the circular economy. The EU funded SwitchMed programme, seeks over the MED TEST II project to improve the way industries in the Southern Mediterranean are producing. By making processes more efficient the project has demonstrated that both resources and money can be saved, showcasing that the switch to circular production patterns is a profitable investment to do. Skaff dairy reduced raw material use and waste generation by cutting 90% on the volumes of product returns from clients and reorganizing marketing strategy of the distribution chain. Modifications to the milk pasteurization process led to a reduction by 50% of the diesel use, corresponding to the phasing out of one boiler. The company implemented a monitoring and information system for resource efficiency in manufacturing, which confirmed that the investments within the framework of the TEST project were repaid within 1.6 years.

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  • The MED TEST II project identified total annual savings of 38,846 euros in energy, water, and materials with an estimated investment of 19,305 euros;
  • The average payback period of the investments is 0.5years;
  • Seventeen resource efficiency measures were identified;
  • Energy costs will be reduced by approximately 44% through good housekeeping, energy conservation measures, and photovoltaic installation;
  • Materials costs will be cut by 7% after adopting a policy to minimize the return of finished products and using cleaning chemicals more efficiently;
  • Water costs will be reduced by 15% through water recovery from the CIP and good housekeeping practices;
  • Additionally, solid waste volumes will be reduced by 17% and CO2 emissions by 37%.