Traditional Christmas ham goes circular with the HamTrick campaign (Kinkkutemppu)

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Petri Ahola-Luttila

The Ham trick (Kinkkutemppu in Finnish) is a consumer campaign that was organised in 2016 and 2017 in Finland during the Christmas period.

The Ham trick is a cross-sectoral co-operation with Finnish companies and organizations. The aim of the campaign was to bring the concept of circular economy closer to consumers, to advise about recycling and at the same time avoiding that the drains were choked by excess fat. The idea of the campaign was to ask consumers to deliver excess fats from when roasting their traditional Christmas ham to recycling points, whereupon the excess fats would be used to prepare renewable fuel at Neste’s bio refinery in Porvoo.

The collection was organised through 150 special collection points across the country. Altogether 44 tonnes of fat was collected of which Neste MY renewable fuel was produced at Neste’s bio refinery in Porvoo. Neste MY renewable fuel has 90 per cent lower CO2 footprint compared to the ordinary diesel fuel.

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  • In 2017, 145 000 households donated their leftover fats to the Ham Trick campaign. In 2016, with about 40 000 households having participated in the campaign;
  • According to a consumer survey, most of the people who participated in the Ham trick were 41–60 years of age;
  • The campaign gained visibility in domestic and foreign media by using Twitter and Facebook. In 2017, 72 per cent of the Finns became aware of the campaign;
  • The Ham Trick campaign organised in 2017 donated 20 000 euros to charity;
  • The Ham Trick campaign organised in 2016 was awarded in the international SABRE Awards EMEA competition on 23 May 2017.