Transforming waste into resources

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Green Group - Georgiana Badalica Petrescu

Integrated waste management solutions for six main waste streams associated with households and SMEs (WEEE, plastics, PET, glass, lighting bulbs, cardboard) are now available in Romania as a pioneer development for South Eastern Europe via a private investment starting back in 2012.

Green Group Holding consists of six different brands:

  1. GREENTECH is specialised in recycling plastic packaging.
  2. GREENGLASS, thanks to the latest technology based on optoelectronic sorting, provides high-purity glass cullet (purity minimum: 98%).
  3. GREENFIBER INTERNATIONAL is the only producer of synthetic polyester fiber and PET band in Romania and the second largest producer of polyester synthetic fiber in Europe.
  4. GREENLAMP is the only recycler in Romania separating fluorescent tubes components and other (high intensity) discharge lamps.
  5. GREENWEEE International is an integrated treatment plant for WEEE operating under WEEELABEX license for the large domestic equipment, small household appliances, cathode ray tubes and CFA workflows.
  6. TOTAL WASTE MANAGEMENT is in charge of waste collection and logistics.
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Green Group Holding has recently established a public-private partnership (with the Ministry of the Environment, retailers and recyclers) to facilitate the collection and recycling of consumer waste and to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills.

The Sigurec brand, with its collection points - where up to ten types of recyclable waste can be disposed of - and its data management application, is one of the tangible results of the agreement, whereby a nationwide network of over 200 mobile and fixed collection points in 36 Romanian counties has already been implemented.

The activities are aimed at increasing:

  • the volume of primary packaging waste collected by organizations adhering to the agreement by 25%
  • the market share of reusable packaging by 20%.