Veras - multiplatform for clothing reuse and upcycling in Denmark

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Based in the Danish capital Copenhagen, Veras runs several initiatives to reduce waste in the fashion sector by making it easy for everyone to swap and sell clothes. Veras is primarily an online webshop shipping to all of Europe, where users can send in their own clothes (by hand or by post) to get discounts on 'new' garments from Veras. Veras also hosts weekly clothing markets in Copenhagen for anyone to buy and sell clothing. It also has a flagship store located in Copenhagen.

Veras was founded by Rebecca Vera Stahnke in 2016 and now has 12 employees, all women. Veras is based on a circular concept where no clothes are wasted and no new clothes are bought. All pieces have been handed in from private wardrobes all over Denmark. In addition, the company offers a range of upcycled products, including totebags, dresses and trousers made from discarded textiles and bedlinen handed in by the users, produced locally in Copenhagen.

Main results

By making it easy to swap and exchange clothes, Veras has

  • given more than 275 000 pieces of clothing a new life
  • rescued 359 178 pieces of clothing from incineration
  • encouraged 156 918 Danes towards circular consumption patterns and thus
  • saved 1490 tonnes of CO2 equivalent.