Yuman Village: a circular economy shopping centre in Brussels

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Christel Droogmans

Yuman Village is a temple of the circular economy located in Brussels. It offers a unique 'one stop shopping' experience that encourages the emergence of new circular economy models, creates local jobs and reduces the number of trips needed to buy sustainable and local products.

You will find everything: clothes, accessories, jewellery, decoration, furniture, books, cosmetics, zero waste solutions... Everything is made in line with circular economy principles (recycling, upcycling, second hand, eco-design) in Belgium or Europe.

In order to reach as many people as possible, Yuman has also launched a circular e-shop and wants to keep their combined brick-and-mortar and digital approach in the future. Yuman Village works closely with local partners producing circular products and involves them in the development of the project.

Main results
  • The concept has strong potential with considerable interest and positive feedback from consumers
  • The organisers are keen to open more shops in Brussels and replicate the concept in other Belgian cities
  • Yuman Village is developing a recycling programme by collecting waste (old socks, jeans, clothing, broken umbrellas, plastic, jewellery) so that its local partners can transform it into new products. The products are then sold in the shop. This helps to close the loop and includes consumers in the circular economy
  • Yuman Village creates positive synergies between circular partners and helps them grow their businesses. It also helps small companies to start their projects by giving them exposure.