Circular economy in Africa-EU cooperation: Rwanda report

Rwanda report

Rwanda photo
Whyte, C. R.
Irakoze, G.
Katanisa, P.
Desmond, P.
Hemkhaus, M.
Ahlers, J.
Van Hummelen, S.
McGovern, M.
Artola, I.
Publication Date
December, 2020
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The Commission's DG Environment and DG for International Cooperation and Development commissioned a study on the circular economy in Africa, and eight country reports were drawn up in preparation for a continent-wide report on the prospects of the circular economy in Africa.

The Rwanda report examines the scope and status of the circular economy there. It looks at the policy framework, trade and investments and the impact and benefits of the circular economy. It also explores circular economy-related cooperation between the EU and Rwanda. It concludes that the government is acting on circular economy principles and is well placed to be the regional hub for Africa in the area of the circular economy.