Destinations of Dutch used textiles: risks and uses after export

Destinations of Dutch used textiles

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Saoirse Walsh, Circle Economy
Ola Bakowska, Circle Economy
Hilde van Duijn, Circle Economy
Stéphane Arditi, EEB
Camille Tahon, Circle Economy
Publication Date
December, 2023
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Used clothing exports from the Netherlands totalled more than €193 million in 2022: not an insignificant amount.

Understanding the realities of second-hand clothing markets in export destinations will be crucial to develop appropriate policy at national and supranational levels. The aim is to support the socially equitable and environmentally sustainable processing of used textiles, and ensure that this industry is in line with the EU's 2020 Circular Economy Action Plan and the European Green Deal.

To this end, the report explores what happens to textiles collected in the Netherlands in their various destination countries, and highlights the impacts and risks associated with these exports, as well as how they are addressed.