France's Law Against Food Waste: do new narratives serve social justice?

Three narratives about food waste and their social impact

Three narratives about food waste and their social impact
Policy Brief
Sina Leipold
Kaja Weldner
Marius Hohl
Publication Date
December, 2021
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France's Law Against Food Waste has become an international model for sustainable food policy. The law is often described as combining economic efficiency with environmental protection and social equity. However, stakeholder narratives cast doubt on whether this French CE law really contributes to social justice in the long run. This discourse analysis shows that:

  • the ban on food waste institutionalised a narrative about food waste that prioritises profit over social equity
  • the traditionally dominant solidarity narrative about food waste has been pushed back by the emerging CE discourse
  • As a consequence of this shift, activities enacted in the name of the CE may counteract social equity goals (for instance by establishing competition with charities).

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