Growth-positive zero-emission pathways to 2050

Paul Drummond, Daniel Scamman, Paul Ekins (UCL)
Leonidas Paroussos (E3-Modelling)
Ilkka Keppo (UCL and Aalto University)
Publication Date
April, 2021
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Sitra commissioned this study to investigate whether and under what assumptions and policy measures the decoupling of CO2 emissions from economic growth could occur at a sufficient rate for CO2 emissions to decline to net zero by 2050. The analyses were carried out on a global level.

The results of this study show that deep CO2 emission cuts in line with the 1.5 °C target and positive GDP growth can occur at the same time.

A natural next step would be to analyse in detail the decoupling of other harmful environmental impacts from economic growth. For example, a global shift to more circular business models could reduce CO2 emissions and help cut the use of materials and natural resources while maintaining economic growth.