Recycling broken solar cells into new silicon feedstock

Recycling of broken Si based structures and solar cells

Syvertsen, Martin
Ryningen, Birgit
Sabatino, Marisa Di
Palitzsch, Wolfram
Moller, HJ
Audoin, Claire
Serasset, Marion
Pelletier, David
Rakotoniania, Jean Patrice
Dieguez, Joaquim
Souto, Alejandro
Denafas, Julius
Petreniene, Lina
Pranaitis, Mindaugas
Cyras, Valirus
Zulobas, Rytis
Ulyashin, Alexander
Publication Date
June, 2017
Other (Norway)
Language for original content
Alexander Ulyashin

The project Recycling of broken Si based structures and solar cells is part of CABRISS, a European collaboration aimed to develop a circular economy mainly for the photovoltaic (PV), but also for other industries such as electronics or metallurgy.

The paper presents some tests in which broken solar cell structures coming from an early stage in the PV production process chain as well as broken finished solar cells have been recycled into new silicon (Si) feedstock through demetallisation, purification and directional solidification.

The paper explores two different routes to remove diffusion layers and anti-reflection coating (ARC) on broken cells. It also presents the characteristics of ingots produced with the Si-feedstock from the two routes by directional solidification.