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Research: Remelting and purification of silicon kerf for photovoltaic wafers

Remelting and Purification of Si-Kerf for PV-Wafers

M. Syvertsen, T. Halvorsen, K. Mørk, A. Nordmark, T. Kaden, A. Ulyashin
Publication Date: 
September, 2017
Other (Norway)

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Alexander Ulyashin

Research on Remelting and Purification of Si-kerf for PV wafers is part of CABRISS, a European collaboration aimed to develop a circular economy mainly for the photovoltaic but also other industries such as electronics or metallurgy.

During production of silicon wafers out of silicon (Si) ingots and wafers, about 40–50% of the material is lost due to the cutting technique. The research had kerf from slurry based wafer cuttings undergoing several refining steps and being remelted into ingots for PV-application.

Conclusion: With 10%  refined material, ingots were still directionally solidified, whereas with 100% refined material, they were not. The presented refining method does not allow for ingots with 100% refined material to be used as PV-material.