EU Circular Talks - Packaging in the retail sector

This workshop on Packaging in the retail sector will liaise technical experts in retail to address the challenges and opportunities faced by retailers as regards packaging in the circular economy. Speakers will present the best practices via three different angles, answering the following question:

What are the success factors enabling and the regulatory and investment barriers hampering waste prevention, re-use and design for circularity?

The workshop is divided in three sessions:

  1. Waste prevention: Finding alternatives to current use of packaging

  2. Reusable packaging and deploying reuse models

  3. Design for circularity: Creating safe and circular packaging.

Watch here the introduction and closing remarks.

Presentations: Eunomia - Carrefour - CSCP - IKEA - Jéronimo - REset - REWE

The results of these #EUCTs (the expert workshop and online dialogues) have contributed to the Toolkit for Circular Packaging in the Retail Sector.