A guide for circularity in the urban built environment

A webinar series was launched to showcase and share the information generated throughout the Circular City Centre (C3) project. The webinars aim to create a forum for exchanging knowledge, information and experiences that can support city-level circular action. Circular city change makers from across the EU will share their experience, insights and knowledge about preparing circular action and developing and implementing circular projects.

The next C3 webinar, on 19 January 2023 at 10:00-11:45 CET, A guide for circularity in the urban built environment, will focus on the importance of developing a circular built environment for cities. Cities are most commonly defined by their built environments, the human-made spaces where people live and work. However, the urban built environment is one of the most resource- and energy-intensive sectors of the global economy.

Using circular principles, cities can reduce this sector’s negative impact by ensuring that materials and components are maintained and kept at their highest value for as long as possible. The urban built environment should be a ‘living’ system in which building materials and products are used optimally and then reused, a system that operates within the boundaries of our planet, preserves the (business) value of its resources, and increases the number of valuable jobs and skills in a city.

This webinar will include:

  • A summary of the C3 goals, activities and progress to date
  • An overview of the new C3 guidance document ‘A Guide for Circularity in the Urban Built Environment’
  • Sharing of local experiences, with presentations by Leuven (BE) highlighting how they plan to increase circularity in this sector
  • Experiences from local solution providers including ARUP and representatives of the Circular Building Coalition, who will help us understand how public and private actors can work together to accelerate the transition towards a circular built environment sector
  • The EIB’s Facility Management team will present a practical case study on circular renovation
  • An update on the Circular City Advisory (CCA) and the programme’s next steps, as well as an overview of other initiatives that can help cities accelerate the transition through 2023.

The webinar is open to anyone keen to learn more about action and solutions enabling cities to advance their circular economy transition, and is specifically intended for city representatives and other urban stakeholders.

To register for the fourth webinar in this series, please follow this link. Registrations close on 17 January 2023.