Launch of the Circular Regions Platform

Welcome to the launch of the Circular Regions Platform - a data-driven, mission-oriented solution for eco-system transformation - on 23 March at 1:50 p.m. (CEST).

Learn about the core technology and methodology supporting two Nordic regions (Oslo in Norway and Umeå in Sweden) by using digital solutions to develop a shared intelligence with dynamic data and new standards.

With a showcase of initiatives in the Umeå Region that have been mapped as a follow up to the OECD Circular Economy in Cities and Regions Programme Action Plan, get a preview of the projects that are being implemented, and how they can be connected globally for supply chain transformation.

Learn how open standards and the development of a Circular Ontology can support data interoperability to connect communities of practice in cities, regions, networks, clusters, as well as how they can help optimise the use of EU funding connecting projects.

But most of all, learn how you can join and implement these solutions where your feet touch the ground.

Schedule details and speaker announcements will be updated shortly. For more information click here.