Local authorities' policy toolkit to promote circular construction skills

Public authorities - policymakers, procurement professionals, local and regional authorities, and other public sector actors - have an important role to play in the transition towards a more circular built environment and have a range of policy levers at their disposal to stimulate demand for circular skills. Using circular strategies in the built environment can help reduce the embodied emissions of building materials by 50%.

This interactive webinar on 17 October (11:00 - 12:30 CEST) will show how to train staff and how local authorities can work with stakeholders to train the whole value chain to promote circularity.

The webinar will present the guidance for policymakers as well as training materials developed by the BUS-GoCircular project. It will also explain how public authorities can use the Fundamentals Training Packs for SMEs in their requirements in tenders.

Toulouse Métropole will explain how they have stimulated circular skills in the construction sector at local scale by showcasing the tools and innovative training materials, such as hackathons and escape rooms, they have developed during the Life Waste2Build project.

This session, the first in a 4-part webinar series hosted by BUILD UP and organised by the BUS-GoCircular project, will be recorded and posted on the Build Up portal.

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11:00: Presentation of Build Up and introduction to the webinar

11:05: Presentation of the project and overview of the main outcomes, Leslie Petitjean & Helena O'Rourke-Potocki, ICLEI Europe

11:10: Menti

11:15: Presentation of the training materials for local authorities, Leslie Petitjean & Helena O'Rourke-Potocki, ICLEI Europe

11:25: Presentation of the Fundamentals Training Packs for SMEs, FEVEC and Larissa De Rosso, ACE

11:30: Menti and Q&A session

11:45: How could a local authority stimulate circular skills in the construction sector?: an example from Toulouse Métropole with Life Waste2Build project, Noga Raviv, Employment Project Manager (Toulouse Métropole)

12:10: Menti and Q&A session

12:25: Thank you from Build Up