The use of public procurement for climate and social benefits

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The half-day conference on The use of public procurement for climate and social benefits will take place in Brussels on 18 April at 14:00-18:00 CEST, followed by a chance to network.

There will be two interactive panels. The first, on Are Paris 2024 Olympics a game changer in public procurement?, will focus on the coming Olympic Games as an example of how social enterprises and public authorities can collaboratively and innovatively work towards reducing carbon footprints and promoting circularity. The Paris 2024 Olympics aim to be a landmark athletic event due to their commitment to social inclusion, and reuse is seen as a major strategy for improving the Games’ carbon performance.

The second panel will be on How can policy advance socially responsible and green public procurement? Together with experts on public procurement and policy, they will delve into how the EU is promoting socially responsible and green public procurement practices, and how this could be improved in the future. The EU’s core legislative instrument in this area demonstrates that social and green provisions can be factored in throughout the procurement process. However, it is widely recognised that these voluntary measures for advancing socially responsible and green procurement are not actually used anywhere near enough.

The event will also be an opportunity to present RREUSE's report on Advancing climate, environmental and social goals through public procurement.

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