The Circular Plastics Alliance has delivered its first actions

The Circular Plastics Alliance aims "to boost the EU market for recycled plastics to 10 million tonnes by 2025", as stated in the alliance's declaration. The alliance covers the full plastics value chains and includes over 175 organisations representing industry, academia and public authorities. There are currently 245 signatories.

The alliance is open to all public and private actors from European plastics value chains that are ready to actively contribute to delivering on the declaration of the alliance. New stakeholders can join the alliance by signing this declaration,  thus committing themselves to the alliance's shared vision and to contributing to its operational work.

The summary of the alliance’s commitments for action lists the planned deliverables, with deadlines. Work is now ongoing. Several deliverables are already published and new ones will be published in early 2021. See more on commitments and deliverables.

Watch the Circular Plastics Alliance Video 2019.