Circularity in the automotive industry: Stellantis has made circularity part of its business model

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With 14 automotive brands around the globe, Stellantis is a major industry player. In March 2022, it presented its Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan, aiming to achieve carbon net zero by 2038 while reducing its consumption of natural resources.

Stellantis' Circular Economy Business Unit has developed a comprehensive approach based on the 4R strategy:

  • Remanufacture
    Used, worn or defective parts and High-Voltage Batteries (HVBs) are dismantled, cleaned and remanufactured to original equipment manufacturer specifications (whereby a company makes products for other companies which sell them under their own name or use them in their own products). Nearly 12 000 parts covering 38 product lines, including electric vehicle batteries, are available.
  • Repair
    Worn parts are repaired and replaced in customers’ vehicles. e-repair centres work on electric vehicle batteries in 24 locations around the world.
  • Reuse
    There's an inventory of approximately 7 million multi-brand parts. They are recovered from end-of-life vehicles and sold in 160 countries through the B-Parts e-commerce platform. HVBs are repurposed for different applications, for example renewable energy storage.
  • Recycle
    Production scraps and end-of-life vehicles are fed back into the manufacturing process.

The Unit has also launched the SUSTAINera label, providing repairers and customers with a sustainable alternative saving up to 80% of the materials and 50% of the CO2 emissions of equivalent new parts.

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  • 2023 Automotive Business Award in the ESG category awarded to Stellantis Brazil for the circular SUSTAINera project
  • A Circular Economy Hub opened in Turin in 2023 to provide sustainable manufacturing and consumption services:
    1. remanufacturing of parts and high voltage batteries
    2. vehicle reconditioning
    3. vehicle dismantling.
  • Recycling results:
    • over 2 million parts collected for recycling in 2023
    • joint venture (SUSTAINera VALORAUTO) with metal recycler GALLOO to manage end-of-life vehicles
    • MoU for a joint venture with Orano for recycling electric vehicle batteries and scrap from gigafactories in Europe and North America.
  • Investment: 32% stake in Miracle Oruide (China) to build CE capability in the country.