CupClub is rolling out a daily reusable packaging service for drinks across London offices

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Dan Anderson

CupClub is a tailored end-to-end returnable packaging service for drinks, helping to eliminate single-use plastic packaging for a more sustainable future. It replaces the need to purchase single-use packaging by providing smart, re-usable packaging as a service to retailers, brands and businesses.

The service eliminates any waste that would otherwise be generated and sent mostly to landfill or incineration. CupClub also uses 50% less CO2 than disposable cup usage. CupClub is available in cafes/canteens, self-serve coffee/tea points and vending machines, with drop points situated nearby for easy cup return. Once returned, CupClub then collects, washes and redistributes cups and lids back to service points the next day.

A network of businesses currently uses this service in London, and CupClub has recently trialled its open loop service for retail sites (e.g. cafes) at the Google Campus in San Francisco.

To see the CupClub returnable system in action, view some highlights from the July 2019 demonstration at Cushman & Wakefield's London offices below:


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Results of the June 2019 pilot at the Google Campus:

  • 97.3% return rate of all scanned out items (700+ cups and lids scanned out by Baristas/week)
  • CupClub signed up approximately 50% of the Google population
  • Very positive feedback from both Google staff and the cafe Baristas.