At-home recycling of bioplastics - and all domestic food waste - thanks to the seriously HOT composting bin

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The HOTBIN is an innovative hot compost bin that super heats your food and garden waste to 60° C. It can suit not only individual needs, but also the needs of sport clubs, canteens or schools, mixing food waste with biodegradable plastics. Clubs or schools can convert the canteen waste stream to only using bioplastics.

The End of Life (EoL) for all bioplastics can be accelerated and all industrially compostable plastics have the potential to become home compostable, preventing any contamination of the oil based polymer recycling system altogether.

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After first field work, it appeared that the hot bin is ideal to dispose of biodegradable plastics certified according to industrial composting standard EN 13432, that do not break down at room temperature. Steaming away at up to 60° C the Hotbin speeds up your food and garden waste recycling producing compost in just 30-90 days.