Last Minute Market - recovering and reusing unsold goods

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Last Minute Market (LMM) is a social enterprise, founded in 1998 as a research initiative and now a spin-off from the University of Bologna (Italy). Today, it is an entrepreneurial company working at national level, developing local projects to recover unsold goods and benefit non-profit organisations. Its objective is zero waste: all services offered by LMM are studied and designed to prevent and reduce waste.

LMM was created to assist companies in re-using surplus food and turning waste into resources. Its field of activity has expanded to different types of goods (e.g. medicines and non-food). Their services are:

  • circulation of surpluses (food, meals, medicines, books, non-food goods, etc.)
  • data analysis, loss and waste analysis, estimating the environmental and social impacts
  • training for schools, companies and institutions
  • communication, marketing projects and content production.

Main results

LMM cooperates with companies, schools and organisations from the third sector. It has provided recovery and waste prevention projects over a wide range of activities, such as:

  • Recovery of cooked meals not served by canteens and their re-distribution to other institutions in need
  • Re-use of purchased, but non-used pharmaceutical products, saving up to EUR 1 million in the last three years
  • Re-use of supermarket surpluses. In a project involving over 200 supermarkets, in two years, LMM has managed to recover and prevent waste of goods with an economic value of EUR 5.5 million.