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Pura's Blue Right: cleaning with purely circular products


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The Pura Production Group is clearly committed to sustainable production and follows up on this commitment by achieving the maximum attainable sustainability factor with its cleaning products. It does so by designing product packaging in cooperation with the Knowledge Institute for Sustainable Packaging in the Netherlands and raw material producers, while also certifying its products with leading environmental technology verifications such as the EU Ecolabel, Nordic Swan and Blue Angel.

Pura's flagship Blue Right line for hotels and offices is a circular economy front runner: the floor, interior, sanitary and kitchen cleaners are produced without hazardous chemicals and lead to zero waste after use. As the cleaning products are wrapped in natural soluble film with unique portion control, the packaging is entirely compostable and provides nutrients to trees and plants when discarded.

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Pura's Blue Right cleaning products are:

  • cradle to cradle 2.0 certified
  • up to 96% reduced in volume and weight
  • based on ingredients that are 100% safe to use
  • provided with soluble film, thus achieving cost reduction through portion control
  • zero waste as the packaging is naturally compostable 
  • low carbon footprint by producing locally