Recycling packaging laminates through a process that separates composite materials

flexible packaging laminates
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Vicky Chatzivasileiou

Laminates consisting of aluminium foil, polyethylene and polyethyleneterephthalate (PET) are the material of choice for the packaging of sensitive food. For the time being, large quantities of these laminates have to be disposed of after use and during the production process.

Saperatec, a German start-up, has developed a method to recycle the components of flexpack laminates using a proprietary physical-chemical process that separates laminated structures without disintegrating them.

A flexpack adhesive manufacturer has collaborated with the recycler to create tailor-made adhesives which enable the separation of the laminates as a precondition for the recycling process.

Main results
  • Completely new way of separating composite materials, thus recovering clean and valuable secondary raw materials
  • Closing the materials circle and simultaneously generating a significant added value in the conversion of waste into valuable materials
  • Currently in the engineering phase for the construction and operation of the first recycling plant for flexible composite packaging
  • For customers intending to operate their own systems for recycling composite materials, tailor-made basic engineering for customised methods
  • Technology developed in in-house laboratories and in a versatile pilot plant illustrating the whole process and demonstrating solutions for client-specific separation tasks.