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restado - Marketplace for the reuse of construction material

restado - reuse of construction material

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Austria, Germany, Switzerland

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Dominik Campanella
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Description: is a marketplace matching construction materials coming from demolition or oversupply, with the demand in new construction projects.

New and used materials come from Germany, Switzerland and Austria.  Most of the building materials are leftover building materials from the dismantling or over-orders of commercial and private construction sites, i.e. construction material remaining stock.

As a specialised platform, restado offers specific product information and building instructions, making the resource suitable for both private and professional buyers. Its goal is to be the largest building materials exchange in German-speaking countries and to offer a circular solution in sourcing building materials locally.

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60% of global waste and resource efficiency can be linked to the construction sector. This marketplace for reclaimed construction materials has several thousand types of materials. Through its activity it has already saved more than 1 million tons of GHG.