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ReWeee: Reducing Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment in Greece

Reweee project

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01/2016 to 08/2020
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ReWeee - Haris Angelakopoulos

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The ReWeee Project entitled Development and Demonstration of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Prevention and Re-use Paradigms aims to reduce WEEE in Greece by preventing the production of WEEE itself, and also by demonstrating, via appropriate paradigms, that WEEE can be efficiently sorted and prepared for re-use. The goal is also to make re-used electrical and electronic equipment (REEE) acceptable to consumers.

To this end, two WEEE sorting centres (SC) will open for the first time in the country, in the Attika and the Central Macedonia (Oraiokastro) regions. Their core activity is the collection, storage and sorting of WEEE, depending on their condition, and then their preparation for re-use or treatment. The SCs will operate according to the specifications and technical requirements already developed by the project team. Moreover, a measurement tool is being developed to facilitate the assessment of WEEE re-use in Greece, before and after the project contribution.

In addition, a web platform has been set up to facilitate the donation and exchange of EEE. It targets households, companies and public services.

Among the project partners are RReuse, the Hellenic Recycling Agency, the Ecological Recycling Society, the Green Fund and the Harokopio University of Athens.

The timetable of the project is available here. The project team has suggested extending the project's duration for one more year, as there have been some delays in making the SCs operational.

On the basis of the assessment of the results collected after one year of operation of the SCs, the project team will develop a comprehensive legislative framework for all SCs in Greece.

Main results: 

Advancement of the project led by Appliances Recycling SA (an official take-back system for WEEE management in Greece which operates on a non-investment and non-profit basis):

  • The Central Macedonian SC (in Oraiokastro) will be fully operational in April 2019.
  • The Attica SC ha been fully operational since 18 February 2019.
  • The web platform is already operational.
  • Public awareness actions along the line of lectures and educational workshops are being held to promote EEE repair.
  • Repair cafés have been organised to give the public the chance to repair their appliances with the help of technicians.