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Smart magnetic separation turns any kind of PET plastic into high quality raw material

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Circular Economy Club
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Ioniqa is a company founded in 2009. It has developed a new chemical recycling process to re-use PET bottles, textiles and carpets indefinitely.

Ioniqa uses a process of smart magnetic separation that turns any kind of PET plastic into high quality raw materials, from which new PET can be made. The recycled raw materials compete in both costs and quality with ‘virgin’ raw materials produced from crude oil. With this game changing innovation Ioniqa hopes to unleash no less than an industry transition.

The Ioniqa brand intends to reduce the impact of fossil oils use offering the solution of being more independent of it.

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Ioniqa`s new PET circular cycle spares our scarce oil reserves and offers a big incentive to collect more post-consumer PET waste: a valuable secondary resource reducing the oil consume footprint.