Surplus capacity? Waste it no more: FLOOW2 facilitates B2B Asset Sharing

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Floow2 - Laury Zwart

FLOOW2 is the sharing marketplace solution for every business, organization and network.

FLOOW2 works locally and internationally, to identify needs and opportunities of asset sharing for businesses. Sharing assets may be a new concept, but it is an integral part of the development towards a more circular economy in which collaboration is key!

The smart sharing marketplace solution of FLOOW2 enables businesses to optimize the use of assets, to reduce waste, lower costs, and builds revenue. FLOOW2 creates (internal) sharing marketplaces where supply and demand of equipment, materials, services, facilities and personnel can meet. These platforms are especially suitable for business parks, (air)ports, organizations with multiple departments or locations, business communities, hospitals, care organizations, and market sectors.

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FLOOW2 is facilitating sharing marketplace solutions for businesses and organizations around the world; from The Netherlands to Canada, from construction to healthcare, from businesses to consumers, from internal to external.

Specific sharing marketplaces are already up and running:
- (construction sector in Belgium)
- (pharmacists in NL)
- (business parks)
- (agrifood in Canada)
- (healthcare in Canada)
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At the moment (August 2020) we have connected 570.250 people, 116 million Euro has been saved, and 142 million CO2-savings.