Vanheede Environment Group: collecting packaged food waste to produce alternative fuels

Food waste
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Vanheede Biomass Solutions processes packaged or unpackaged food items that, for various reasons, are no longer fit for human or animal consumption. Most of this waste stream comes from the food industry, supermarkets, shops, abattoirs, warehouses, traders, canteens and markets. The company uses bioboxes to collect the food waste. After being used, these receptacles are emptied and cleaned. 

Packaged food residue is collected and processed separately at a digestion facility to generate green energy. Cutting-edge techniques separate organic matter from packaging. The packaging is either recycled or transformed into energy, if possible. It can be converted into pellets. 

Fermentable residue is gathered and processed at a bio-methanisation plant. This process generates green energy.

Main results
  • An industrial fermentation plant converts organic products into methane, which is then converted into electricity via a gas engine. The plant has a capacity of 2.45 MW, enabling Vanheede Biomass Solutions to supply around 5000 families with electricity
  • The heat generated is recovered in-house
  • The digestate is upgraded as a soil supplement for agricultural use