For a Circular Energy Transition - Action Plan for Industry, Policymakers and Investors

For a Circular Energy Transition

For a Circular Energy Transition
Gate C
Lenaïc Gravis
Publication Date
February, 2023
United Kingdom
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Exponential demand for critical materials, driven by the energy transition, may trigger supply chain problems. Circular economy business models could help decouple the renewable energy sector from material consumption. However, with major economic, regulatory and financial barriers, the sector's transition sector towards a circular economy still has a long way to go.

This report, commissioned by the Green Purposes Company and prepared by the Gate C consulting firm, proposes an action plan for the renewable energy sector which will enable it to be fully aligned with the principles of a circular economy and to reap its benefits. It is critical that in helping to address climate change, the renewable energy sector does not inadvertently drive environmental problems elsewhere.