Progress towards preventing waste in Europe: the textile case

Progress towards preventing waste in Europe - the case of textile waste prevention

Textile Waste Prevention
Burcu Gözet - Wuppertal Institute
Henning Wilts - Wuppertal Institute
Saskia Manshoven - VITO
Ioannis Bakas - EEA
Publication Date
December, 2021
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Waste prevention is the best waste management policy option, according to the waste hierarchy - the EU's main rule for the environmental ranking of waste management policies. Its main objective is to reduce waste generation, the environmental impacts of waste management and the hazardousness of the waste generated.

To support this objective, the EU and all its Member States have put in place legislation that promotes activities in products' life cycles aimed at reducing the amount of waste generated.

This report aims to assess progress towards the main objective of waste prevention: decoupling (i. e. breaking the link between waste generation and economic growth).