Frontiers in Pluralist Economics - Exploring the potential of alternative economic views

Human-induced climate change impacts are serious cause for concern, as is our failure to respect planetary boundaries.

We need to consider how we can change these patterns of behaviour to create economies which foster inclusive prosperity while regenerating nature. Assuming that the existing linear and extractive economic system is part of the problem, we need to shift to non-linear systems.

But how much room is there for alternative economic views in curricula today? What insights can these alternative views offer? How do they differ and how do they overlap?

If you are interested in these questions then you are invited to participate in the free event Frontiers in Pluralist Economics - Exploring the potential of alternative economic views for inclusive prosperity. It will take place at 14:00 - 18:00 on 10 June at Erasmus University Rotterdam in English.

Further details and registration.