Reboot your city in a circular way

The Covid-19 crisis has exposed the weak points in the dominant linear model and showed how local availability of resources can become critical to the health of a whole population. But this crisis has also demonstrated the creativity and solidarity of citizens, companies and policymakers.

The workshop Reboot your city in a circular way, on 20 October 2020 during the 18th European Week of Regions and Cities, will look at how cities and regions have invested in a circular economic system and how this has made them more resilient during the crisis.

The 3 key success factors: local & connected, creativity and cooperation.

The following cases will be examined:

  • City of Mechelen: Marina De Bie, alderman of Sustainability, climate and education
  • City of Brussels: Perrine Collin, Coordination cityfab
  • City of Amsterdam: Eveline Jonkhoff, Strategic Advisor Circular Economy
  • OECD, Oriana Romano, Head of Unit Water Governance and Circular Economy
  • Private business: Emily Rogers, co-founder of Reath, UK
  • Investor: Jamie Butterworth, Circularity Capital, Edinburgh
  • Citizens' initiative: Hannes Van Gansen, head organizer of citizens' initiative Klimakkers