Walking the Talk: the Basque Circular Summit

One of the largest events on eco-design and circular economy in Europe, the Basque Circular Summit aims to:

  • provide information about major circular challenges,
  • analyse the opportunities for the Basque economy, and
  • highlight the work carried out by local companies through public-private partnerships to contribute to the objectives of the Basque Circular Economy and Bioeconomy Plan 2024.

Aimed at individual companies and industrial sectors, the Basque Circular Summit will seek to:

  • inform Basque companies about the new challenges and opportunities arising from the circular economy, in the framework of the European Green Deal,
  • show the Basque Government’s commitment to support companies and their results (new methods, tools, guidelines and manuals, etc.),
  • showcase the work developed and the innovative results obtained by local companies (Basque Ecodesign Centre, PYME Circular Euskadi programme and eco-innovation projects) in the field of the circular economy, including through an active exhibition showing 250 eco-designed and circular Basque products,
  • provide criteria and encourage Basque companies, public and local entities and engaged young people to step up their commitment to the circular economy, and
  • highlight and place the Basque Country at the “forefront of the South of Europe” in the business circular economy at international level.

Draft agenda

23 November - Towards A New, More Circular European Market

To overcome today's challenges (climate change and environment deterioration, shortage of raw materials and lack of security of supply as a consequence of war on the European continent and the post-Covid period), Europe is committed to the European Green Deal and its associated legislative measures.

Throughout the first day of the conference, the main advances in this field will be presented and discussed with leading economic stakeholders from the Basque industrial sector.

Purpose of the session: to activate the Basque business sector with respect to the challenges coming from the EU with conclusive and properly justified messages, expressed by opinion leaders in the business world.

24 November - Circularity in the Value Chain: Best Business Practices

The second day of the conference will focus on analysing the implications, challenges and opportunities offered by the circular economy in the main value chains and will include the presentation of success stories.

Purpose of the session: to showcase “Made in the Basque Country” market solutions based on drivers and needs, in the main areas addressed the previous day, with a sectoral focus.

25 November - Eco-Innovation: Country's Responses to European Challenges

The European Commission considers eco-innovation to be one of the keys to implement the circular economy and boost the future competitiveness of Europe. Eco-innovation is a general framework that requires collaborative, inter-company and inter-sectoral solutions. Therefore, meeting points for the companies carrying out the projects are necessary in order to generate new synergies within and between the value chains of the different sectors.

Purpose of the session: to bring Basque stakeholders (public-private supply and demand) closer to various EU challenges demonstrating high potential and mark the key role played by Ihobe, the Public Society of Environmental Management of the Basque Government, in the Basque Country.

To pre-register for the event, visit the Summit's site.