Toss it in the bin: anti-littering-initiative by Altstoff Recycling Austria

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ARA AG, Vienna, Austria
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Altstoff Recycling Austria (ARA AG)

Founded in 2012‚ "Reinwerfen statt Wegwerfen" (English: "Toss it in the bin") is a voluntary initiative of Austrian businesses, based on an agreement between Austrian social partners and the Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism to improve the ecological performance of packaging (mainly beverage containers) by creating public awareness, preventing and reducing littering and promoting the separate collection and recycling of packaging. Packers/fillers and retailers agreed to spend EUR 700.000 - 1 Mio EUR annually for a nationwide anti-littering campaign. The operation and project management is run by Altstoff Recycling Austria (ARA), supported by the ARGE Sustainability Agenda of the Austrian Economic Chambers.

RSW provides:

(i) support for projects related to waste minimization, littering-prevention, and separate collection;

(ii) financial and organizational support for local clean-up activities;

(iii) a web platform for the promotion of related activities and exchange of best practices;

(iv) active promotion of anti-littering online and at public events;

(v) public relations.

Main results

Achievements since 2012 :

  • Best known anti-littering initiative in Austria, name recognition > 26%;
  • Participation in > 150 clean-up events all over Austria;
  • Promotion of > 140 waste prevention and anti-littering projects, e.g. McDonalds, Clean Mountains, Integration Football ("sport speaks all languages");
  • Presentations at > 370 events, e.g. Wings for Life World Run, Special Olympics, Red Bull Dolomitenmann Run, Eurovision Song Contest 2015.
  • 77 million contacts via media work;

  • Online (facebook) community with > 30.000 people;

  • More than 420 press releases;

  • Focus 2018: anti-littering & anti-food waste campaigns (e.g. “food is precious”).