2022 Edition of the Circular Navarre Catalogue


The Circular Navarre Catalogue 2022 is an update of the showcasing booklet published in 2020 and in 2021. This new edition includes 50 organisations - based on circular business models - in the Spanish Navarre region, looking for international cooperation.

The catalogue has been edited by the regional Government of Navarre with the technical support of the Asociación de la Industria Navarra (AIN). The aim is to share information about these organisations, related to:

  • their position in a circular value chain
  • their interest in taking part in the EU programmes
  • their features in terms of positive environmental, social and economic impact
  • the SDGs they are pursuing.

All organisations included in the catalogue provide a contact person in order to facilitate the collaboration with other European initiatives for new EU project opportunities but also potential commercial partnerships.

The catalogue may be considered as a good practice that can be replicated by other territories, aiming to enhance partnering opportunities among European regions and SMEs in their scaling-up phase.

Main results
  • Description of 50 organisations working according to the circular economy principles in the Navarre region (Spain)
  • Identification of value creation in the value chain, social, environmental and economic positive impacts, and international collaboration interests
  • Partnering and business collaboration opportunities among other initiatives and companies looking for circularity enablers or product and services providers from Europe.