Auum: a great way to serve drinks in the workplace

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Greener coffee breaks

The French company Auum was founded in 2019 with the conviction that we need disruptive cleaning technologies to promote reuse and combat single-use items.

Auum began by focusing on the 500 billion disposable cups used every year worldwide. Their first innovative machine, the auum-S, cleans, dries and disinfects glasses in 10 seconds using 2 cl of water and no chemicals. Thanks to patented steam technology, Auum revolutionises traditional cleaning that is very heavy on resources (particularly water and electricity) and gives a poor user experience. Thanks to this machine tailored to corporate environments, employees no longer need to wash up their crockery or worry about the ecological impact of disposable cups.

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Auum has come up with an alternative to disposable cups and traditional cleaning methods.

  • Ecology: Drawing on lifecycle analysis and with a 20-year lifetime and little needed by way of resources for each cycle, the auum-S is a very ecological solution. On average, it emits 80% less CO2 than conventional solutions.
  • Price: The subscription model is cheaper than other solutions and equal to the price of the use of disposable plastic cups - which are now considered to be  polluting and are thus banned in the EU. On average, it cuts costs by 50%.
  • Convenience: The machine takes only 10 seconds to clean, disinfect and dry a glass.