INDRA, a competitive end-of-life vehicles treatment branch, recuperates up to 95% of car mass

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European Federation of Waste Management and Environmental Services
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INDRA (Industry National Dismantling & Recycling Automotive)

Renault and SUEZ (formely Sita France) partnered through their joint-venture INDRA to create a competitive end-of-life vehicle treatment program. 

Program that in 2016 recovered 355 000 end of life vehicles (35% market share). Its vehicle recycling program, which is comprised of a network of 350 end of life (EVL) dismantlers, manages to recycle and resell 95,40% of vehicle mass, thus providing cheaper materials for buyers and saves raw material that would be needed to fabricate a new part as well as some of the associated energetic costs. Thanks to its pooling capacity, INDRA can overcome supply bottlenecks that do afflict some parts of the recycling sector. This network also permits to benchmarks and share best practices inside the EVL dismantler's network.

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A network of 350 EVL dismantlers that each dismantle around 25 vehicles every day, recuperating 95.40% of vehicle mass as well as perform decontamination of vehicles fluids and gasses.