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Infinitdenim is a sustainable fashion brand made in Barcelona, Spain. The whole project started under the name of Back to Eco in 2016.

The company is specialised in the recycling of second-hand denim, rescued from its own city. Pieces are cut out of this post-consumer material and fashioned into a variety of items. Then scraps of this production are used for its very sustainable fabric InfinitDenim. This fibre is composed of denim leftovers, regenerated cotton and Lyocell.

The company's mission is to maintain its production local and free of synthetic fibres.

Back to Eco also organises workshops and conferences to share its own vision of the circular economy in the textile sector.

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Infinitdenim uses its own fabric: InfinitDenim. It is entirely produced in Catalonia, thus allowing the brand to monitor and control production and, in turn, reducing transport CO2 emissions.

The fabric consists of:

  • 30% post-consumer denim,
  • 30% recycled pre-consumer cotton,
  • 40% cellulose from sustainably cultivated forests.

All products used for dyeing and washing are registered under the REACH regulation. Only sustainable and eco-friendly processes (low energy and water consumption) are applied.

Since their first bag, more than 20 tons of post-consumer jeans have passed through Back to Eco/Infinitdenim's hands.