The leading "packaging-as-a-service" from reCIRCLE for takeaway food and drinks


reCIRCLE is the market-leading industrial solution for reusable packaging for takeaway catering. The "lunchbox as a service" concept saves millions of disposable containers every day.

The reCIRCLE BOXes are designed to be easy to clean, to dry rapidly, to be well vented even when stacked and to save on space. The very durable PBT material is heat and frost proof, odourless and vegan and can be used hundreds of times, with no loss of quality provided it is not cut.

The reCIRCLE BOXes are produced and recycled in Einsiedeln, Switzerland.

Main results

Every year, 335 million tons of plastic are produced, 8 million tons of which end up in the oceans. Over half of the plastic waste produced worldwide comes from packaging. Takeaway packaging is only used for 20 minutes on average, then it ends up in the rubbish bin. In addition, a large proportion of the environmental impact is due to the production of disposable products - a complete waste of resources as they are only used for a short period of time. reCIRCLE offers a sustainable solution with its "reusable takeaway box as a service".