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The textile industry is dominated by fast fashion, meaning that premature obsolescence is a major issue. This encourages people to consume more and more and to get rid of their older clothes, however little they may have been worn. This behaviour results in the loss of huge amounts of raw materials that could easily be reused and fed back into the circular economy.

To combat this environmentally and socially damaging pattern, Marypup decided to develop lines of clothing and accessories made from discarded materials.

Marypup recovers thousands of tents which have been thrown away and uses the fabric to make rainwear. This is upcycling: the waste is recovered, transformed and given a new life.

The clothes are 100% hand made. This is an eco-circular project that aims to expand and develop.

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Marypup's goal is to help people find out about upcycling and to empower the people who buy its products.

Plenty of discarded materials have been collected, reused and brought back into the circuit as upcycled rainwear.