Parksharing, the B2B sharing marketplace for local collaboration and matchmaking on business parks

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Parksharing is the online sharing marketplace for local collaboration, sharing and sustainable businesses. The importance of local collaboration, sharing and matching supply and demand between companies is increasing. From catering to healthcare, working together at local level pays off.

Parksharing enables entrepreneurs, companies and organizations to take concrete steps towards local cooperation and sustainable entrepreneurship. The platform gives visibility to companies and organisations available locally and to what they can benefit from each other. After all, why look for a distant friend when you have a good neighbour?

In addition, companies can match and share supply and demand of assets, materials, residual flows, services, personnel and facilities (for example: meeting rooms, parking spaces, pallets, residual heat or energy, storage space, forklift, delivery van, etc.). Some companies are in great demand for materials, aids or extra manpower, while elsewhere equipment is at a standstill or staff is unemployed.

For more information on how Parksharing works, go to the FAQ section of its site.

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Parksharing's advantages are versatile: more contact and cooperation with neighbouring companies, less waste, more reuse, cost savings and extra turnover.

Local sharing fits the development towards a circular economy seamlessly, in which loops are closed and collaboration is key.

In August 2020, 12 municipalities, 150 business parks and almost 17 500 businesses have been reported to use Parksharing to collaborate locally and swap, sell and share demand and supply of equipment, products, materials, facilities, services and personnel.