Re-Match is recycling synthetic turf

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Re-Match has a recycling process for synthetic turf, recovering up to 95% of the materials, which is accredited with the EU’s Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) and ISO 9001 certified. Their patented technology separates sand, backing, rubber and plastic fibre from end-of-life (EOL) synthetic turf. These materials can then be sold or used in a wide variety of new products in different industries: landscape and sports, road, rail and marine, construction and manufacturing.
In Re-Match's high-tech plant in Herning, Denmark, the worn-out synthetic turf is downsized, dried, separated and cleaned – without using water. The result is four clean, secondary raw materials without creating additional waste products – and a minimum of mixed products. A new facility will soon be built in the Netherlands in the city of Tiel with double the capacity of Herning.

Main results
  1. The recovered sand and rubber are 99% and the fiber 95% clean, all of the highest quality and regularly quality tested by external institutions.
  2. Clubs, municipalities, organisations and other stakeholders can foster a green and environmentally friendly reputation by working with Re-Match.
  3. Within the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region, more than 30 million m2 of synthetic turf (equal to 4160+ full size football pitches) are expected to be replaced every year. By recycling them, around 1,7 million tonnes of carbon dioxide should be spared.