Stop Food Waste: learn how to buy, store and cook better in Ireland

Stop food waste
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Stop Food Waste is an Irish national programme funded by the EPA National Waste Prevention Programme (NWPP) since 2009. The NWPP supports national-level, strategic programmes preventing waste and driving the circular economy in Ireland.

Stop Food Waste is managed by the Clean Technology Centre (CTC) with the aim of preventing food waste through better buying, storage and cooking, as well as through home composting.

This programme works with communities, households, schools, businesses and local authorities through education, training and support activities. For example, it organises the Stop Food Waste Challenge, a community-based workshop for food waste reduction. The programme also provides training and information on home composting.

Main results
  • The Stop Food Waste programme offers more than 50 online resources for waste prevention and composting, from recipes for leftovers to guides on composting
  • The number of social media followers of the Stop Food Waste programme has grown remarkably over the years
  • As part of the Stop Food Waste challenge, between 2015 and 2018 a total of 67 challenges were organised with 1 750 participants. Results showed approximately 2 kg of food waste reduction per household per week during the challenge period.