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Volpy brings smartphones into the circular economy

Volpy, switch and sell your smartphone with an app!

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Volpy - Sarah Defranchi

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Volpy is an all-in-one solution on the smartphone market: smartphones are assessed, bought back and exchanged directly through the app. It is a loop circuit providing an end-to-end service. Smartphones are estimated within 3 minutes through a quick and user-friendly testing service. The application also enables users to switch from a smartphone to another, whether new or refurbished.The shipping of smartphones is supported by Volpy, sending a prepaid letter to users.

Volpy's main objective is to promote circular economy and to fight against the overconsumption of raw materials.

As every smartphone requires 70kg of raw materials a solution to reduce material use and electronic waste production was necessary. Volpy provides such an easy and affordable solution for trading smartphones using an ethical and ecological approach with a circular business model.

Main results: 
  • One year after release (initial launch in the French global Appstore (15/10/2016), the app reached several times the top spot in the French Appstore;
  • Volpy has achieved more than 800 000 downloads;
  • Users created more than 90 000 customers accounts, and a strong community of more than 7 000 ambassadors;
  • Thanks to these advances, the company's team has grown from 5 to 20 persons.