Empowering Consumers to tackle Food Waste: Introducing the Food Loop App

Consumers play a crucial role in preventing food loss and waste. According to recent data gathered by the European Commission 53 % of food loss and waste occurs in households. To make improvements, we need to start by measuring. To this end, the European Commission has developed a protocol to ensure uniformity in the collected data for both quantifying and monitoring the impact of food loss and waste prevention actions.

In this context, the FOODRUS project has created the Food Loop App, a tool that allows both consumers and also HORECA employees to quantify the food waste generated, either in households or in restaurants and food service establishments. The main objective is to raise awareness and help individuals understand the reasons behind food waste and how it can be prevented.

The app requires entering data every time the user eats, and presents different information about the food that is being wasted, according to type and quantity. It displays a history of the food waste generated, as well as data on nutritional value, carbon footprint, or water footprint.

Lastly, the app displays a series of recommendations to prevent waste, based on the cause or type of food. These recommendations include recipes and tips shared by experts in the field. The app functions as a digital diary with a user-friendly interface, allowing the delivery of valuable information back to the user to gain a clearer perspective on the amount of food that could be saved and the resulting impact.

The Food Loop App is freely available here.