Biocircularcities unlocked – The Brussels stop

On 28 September, Biocircularcities will come to Brussels with no fewer than eight projects and a wide array of bioeconomy professionals and experts to discuss the future of a circular bioeconomy in Europe. 

The public conference Biocircularcities unlocked – The Brussels stop is the final event of the BBI-JU Biocircularcities project. Beginning in October 2021, the Biocircularcities partners have explored the development of economically and environmentally efficient models for organic waste in three pilot areas.

The result is three models for new, more circular value chains in the Pazardzhik region (Bulgaria), Naples (Italy) and Barcelona (Spain). The project has also produced policy recommendations and guidelines to boost a circular bioeconomy and a webtool to support the identification of the most suitable biocircular technologies for improving biowaste management.

All these outcomes will be presented in Brussels on 28 September at 9:00 - 13:45 CEST.

  1. During the first round table, Why and how to unlock a local and circular bioeconomy – Barriers and solutions, the Biocircularcities project partners will be joined by experts and practitioners to present the project’s main outputs and discuss the benefits of unlocking a local, circular bioeconomy.
  2. In the second session, Local bioeconomy in practice – A discussion with pilot territories, the three pilot areas will look back over their journey and share feedback.
  3. The WaysTUP project will add insight on how they supported their own pilot projects with behavioural change.
  4. The day will close with an Agora where participants can collect new ideas to grow a circular bioeconomy.

This event is free of charge and open to all but registration is mandatory.