The Market-driven Circular & Bioeconomy

The impact of pollution is not isolated to one sphere. On the contrary, the interconnection between the spheres of the global ecosystem (water, soil, air, and biosphere) is visible and unavoidable. The path towards zero pollution is paved with complementary solutions based on bioeconomy or circular economy approaches.

However, interconnected value chains seem to be fragmented across regions and fields. How do we connect the actors across industries? What is the business case for sustainability? The Market-driven Circular & Bioeconomy EU Green Week Partner Event on 8 June brings together representatives of European projects based on industry-academic partnerships in the fields of biodiversity, forestry, engineering, chemistry, agriculture and transport.

Join the event on 8 June to discuss the role of fast-moving research and innovation academic-industry partnerships, funded by the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI-JU) and Horizon 2020 programmes, in fostering resilience and building towards a net zero future and zero pollution of air, soil, and water.

In overview, there are five projects, five stories, with one goal #4GreenDeal

  1. Tech4Effect: Rasmus Astrup (NIBIO, NO) and Kalle Einlola (Ponsse, FI)
  2. SUSBIND: Massimo Bregola (Cargill, IT) and Johan Bruck (IKEA, SE)
  3. SUSFERT: Günter Brader AIT, AT) and Thomas Schwaiger (SAPPI, AT)
  4. BIOVEXO: Jose Maduro (DOMCA, ES) and Josep Pocalles (AIMERIT, ES)
  5. SUSTAINair: Jürgen Roither (AIT-LKR, AT), Jesper de Wit and Stefan Steeger (INVENT Gmbh, DE)

Highlights of BBI and insights into the implementation of the EU Green Deal in 2021 – 2027 will be presented by Virginia Puzzolo, Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking, Head of Programme Unit.

Moderator: Stephen Webb, RTDS

Admission is free, register now!